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Some popular targets of Yaoi stereotypes being placed onto Non-Yaoi series are Axel and Roxas from .

Granted, a Yaoi male doesn't need to be a Bishōnen, but there is a massive amount of overlap between the two character types.

We believe that the world of Harry Potter deserves better.

So we've come up with some must-play game ideas that could help redeem Harry in the eyes of gamers worldwide. What it is: Hagrid's "Care and Feeding of Magical Creatures" class ain't got nothin' on this wizarding ranch social media game.

See also: Yaoi (as the main link related to this page), Hentai, Yuri, Slash, and Bara Genre to see related tropes. Note: couples from acknowledged/canon BL series go on the Boys Love Genre page, please.

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And frankly, few other Potter games have fared any better over the last decade.Get your friends to help you pull Mandrakes out of their pots, turning down your speakers to muffle their deadly screams. We are going to be so filthy rich, it is ridiculous.Then get addicted and buy more Galleons at five to the U. Box quote: "I spent your college fund on a Crumple-Horned Snorkack!And on the physical side, Yaoi Boys usually have little to no facial or body hair, skinny to muscularly lean bodies (though not too buff unlike in Bara Genre), a bishie sparkle, light-skin, and youth which is the typical depiction of men in Shoujo and Josei manga.