Sedating effect of antihistamine

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They block the histamines which cause inflammation, mucous, itching and hives.However, they can still cause drowsiness in a small percent of people who take them.As sweating is the body's natural mechanism to cool off, a concern might be that a person could become overheated. Read more Anticholinergic but not the usual doses of antihistamine relieves bronchoconstriction in some people.Be sure and drink lots of water and be careful not to become overheated. It may be used as a combination with a beta 2 agonist as in the case of combivent (albuterol and ipratropium).Here at the Asthma, Allergy and Sleep Center of New York, we provide you with a personalized, boutique approach to health care and pediatric pulmonology all under one roof.We emphasize prevention and use our advanced diagnostic technologies to give you and your child the best possible care.Newer generation antihistamines like Claritin (loratadine) still have anticholinergic properties, but to a much lower degree compared with first-gen. I might add, that taking alot of anticholinergic medication, i.e.Some patients remain highly sensitive to associated side effects. Cogentin/benztropine or artane/trihexylphenadil-can decrease one's ability to perspire, or sweat.

Even though they have action at the H1 receptor, they can’t access the receptors that are present in the brain, which means they do not cause drowsiness.

The histamines induce an inflammatory response, where they will dilate the blood vessels that will increase the blood flow to the site of injury or invasion.

There are some side effects that come along with this healing process.

When the histamine is blocked from triggering the receptor and participating in the sleep-wake cycle, the brain sees this as the “sleep mode” of the receptor, and you will feel drowsy.

These older antihistamines don’t discriminate between which histamine receptors they block.Whether you need to see a sleep doctor, need allergy treatment or need a pulmonologist, contact Dr.Shukla’s New York offices today for an appointment.If this is the case for you, you should talk to your doctor about other approaches you may be able to take. Shukla of Brooklyn New York has been in practice for more than 15 years.