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21-May-2017 05:51

Get new opportunities for protection and comfort by updating the software of the central unit* of your Star Line security complex! Web Enterprise Security Suite Control Center facilitates centralized administration of reliable anti-virus protection for computers and devices used by the company's employees, including their personal desktops and handhelds: The security administrator can control anti-virus protection of the corporate network from anywhere and from virtually any computer or device that has access to the Internet.If a company is geographically distributed or its employees work off-site, the protected host location feature may also come in handy. Web Enterprise Security Suite connects to anti-virus server that facilitates the centralized administration of an anti-virus network including its deployment, virus database and software component updating, network protection status monitoring, virus incident notifications, and statistics collection.Detailed descriptions of all features related to the centralized management of individual products can be found in the “Control Center” tab of the corresponding products.

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Web Control Center that does not require installation and enables a system administrator to control the operation of all anti-virus services from any computer and solve emerging problems in a timely manner.

Compared with competitive solutions from other developers, the Control Center guarantees minimal network traffic. An administration audit log records all installation and configuration activities.

A special data transfer protocol for TCP/IP and Net BIOS networks provides data traffic compression in TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, or Net BIOS networks. All components can record their activities in separate log files with customized verbosity, and all file operations performed by the anti-virus software are reflected in the statistics.

If the machine is offline when the message is sent, it will be delivered as soon as the machine connects to the Internet.

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The messaging tool can be used for: The Mobile Control Center lets administrators monitor anti-virus network security from a mobile device that is not compatible with the Dr. The mobile Control Center can be installed onto an i Phone via the App Store.enables the remote self-start as well as automatic engine start by temperature, at the set time, or periodically according to the software settings.You will enjoy the warm salon of your car in any weather! Are you worried when trust the car to your family, relatives or friends?The user-friendly interface allows easy control over the entire protected network.

It reads encrypted data from the carriers and then communicates it to the doorcontrollers. control software and allow for updating of the self -programmable… continue reading »

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The Enterprise Security Suite Control Center facilitates centralizedadministration virus database and software component updating, a self -protection… continue reading »

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