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As they begin their wedding ceremony, Shrek discovers the truth. This year, Dream Works Animation celebrates its 20th anniversary." Of course, Shrek thinks she's talking about him, and decides to bring Farquaad to her and go back to his swamp where he belongs.Fiona doesn't understand Shrek's actions, and with him out of the picture she eventually gives in to Lord Farquaad. Visit Ain't It Cool for the full story, with the viewer's thoughts on what he's seen, and more big pics from the film.Harry's source also spilled the beans on the film's plot and some of the key scenes. Some of this could be considered spoilers for the film.¿ The major spoilers appear hidden in white text so you'll have to drag your mouse over them to read. The first scene shown is Shrek in his hut, going through his morning routine.

Shrek is frustrated by the sudden population explosion in his homeland, and sets off to confront Farquaad on the issue.

As we previously reported, Shrek is the main character, an ogre voiced by Mike Myers. John Lithgow voices the evil Lord Farquaad a tyrant who wants to be king of the land of Dulok, and rid the land of all fairy tale creatures.

Cameron Diaz plays the princess, whom Farquaad must marry to become king.

Shrek and Donkey set off on their quest to rescue Fiona.

When they reach the castle where Fiona is captive, Donkey goes looking for the stairs while Shrek looks for the dragon.He starts to fight the dragon, but Donkey says they're friends, and they leave to make their way back to Dulok.More possible major spoilers follow.¿ Highlight to read:¿ On the way back to Farquaad's place, Shrek and Fiona begin to grow fond of each other.The film was penned by screenwriting duo Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio (The Road to El Dorado).

Shrek Media. In the opening scene Shrek is brushing. via selections put forth by a stolen Magic Mirror is a reference to Dating Game. In one scene.… continue reading »

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Sep 05, 2000 The first scene shown is Shrek in his hut, going through his morning routine. The mirror then shows him, in dating game style.… continue reading »

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Shrek 2 ACT 1 Scene 1 There is a bed onstage behind a silky curtain. Or how about a game of Parcheesi. Oh, no! You're dating a human florist!… continue reading »

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