Sidney crosby dating anyone

13-Sep-2017 20:05

“We don't mind,” defenseman Matt Niskanen said, specifically referring to Crosby's refusal to speak at a podium during the playoffs, instead allowing dozens of reporters to surround his locker, often making those who sit nearby miserable.

The Penguins know he does that because he doesn't want to be treated differently.

Being Sidney Crosby can't make the reported awful ice conditions at Consol Energy Center better, it can't get a privacy gate for his house.

But being Sidney Crosby does produce daily questions about his head and his jaw.

Many of the sources come up with this speculation that this player is still single and he is not in any sort of official relationship. Because Kathryn is a part of his life for almost one decade.

Most of the time, Crosby celebrates his winnings with his girlfriend.

“I've never been quite sure how he handles it all,” Penguins defenseman Paul Martin said.“It just amazed me at the time and still does, to see him thinking like an adult, and to see him thinking about others.He never wanted the flash, never wanted people giving him extra stuff just because of who he was. Living a normal life certainly isn't one of them.

Crosby's latest ordeal — a broken jaw that occurred precisely when the prodigy-turned-icon had again brought the NHL to its knees — is merely the latest example of a gifted, cursed superstar and his quest for peace.He doesn't want to stick out by speaking at a podium when no one else does. It's no big deal.” Crosby doesn't abuse his power even though he could get away with it.“I mean, he's Sidney Crosby,” said Niskanen, with teammate Deryk Engelland smiling and nodding in agreement. The truth is, in some ways, he doesn't have any power.Here he is, at 15, telling me that he doesn't want to be getting this kind of attention in front of other kids because he didn't want them to feel bad.” Preferential treatment seems to turn Crosby's stomach.

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