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He joined the Union Army and fought in the Civil War from 1862 to 1865, returning to Lake County, Indiana where he married his wife, Rachael Garrett. Moses and Rachael Livingston were the parents of eleven children and both died in the Nebraska Soldiers and Sailors Home.

They lived in Indiana a while, then moved to west through Illinois, Iowa, and finally to Nebraska where they are shown living in Ayr, Adams County, on the 1880 U. The Livingstons are buried in Blue Valley Cemetery near Ayr, Nebraska.

He is buried in Blue Valley Cemetery, Ayr, Nebraska. She was buried in the Blue Valley Cemetery, Ayr, Nebraska next to her son. Their first child, Ira Herman Livingston, was born at Hastings, Nebraska on May 28, 1913 and died that same year.

While the Plummers were living in Hastings, their address was listed as 216 S. Ada Evelyn (Plummer) Livingston died of heart failure on January 16, 1937. The second child was Charles Edward Livingston, born January 1, 1920. The third child they lost was, Irene Alice Livingston, born March 25, 1921. The babies are buried with their mother in the Blue Valley Cemetery, Ayr, Nebraska.

Every candidate is vying to be the standard-bearer for conservatism, and exploiting the fact that its meaning is variable. What follows is an attempt to tease out the many different worldviews Americans are referring to when they invoke the word conservative -- and then to figure out which of these worldviews best describe Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul, the choices before Republicans.

I have not been able to find any further information about Arthur Hartford Livingston. Arthur Hartford Livingston died on May 3, 1964 and is buried in at Cyril, Caddo County, Oklahoma and is buried at Cement, Caddo County, Oklahoma.

He eventually moved to Oklahoma to be near his son, Levi Arthur Livingston. Levi Arthur "Lee" Livingston was born April 15, 1914 at Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska and was living in Roseburg, Oregon in 1935 according to the 1940 U. Census which required those enumerated to say where they were living five years before.

Since Ada Evelyn is the older of the two Plummer sisters, I'll begin with her family.

So far as I've been able to learn, Ada spent most of her youth in Ayr, Adams County, Nebraska where many members of her father and mother's family resided. After her marriage to Arthur Hartford Livingston, they moved to Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska where his occupation is listed to begin with as "laborer," then "truck driver," and "teamster." The 1930 Hastings City Directory lists his occupation as "carpenter."Arthur and Ada (Plummer) Livingston had three children: Levi Arthur Livingston, born April 25, 1914 at Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska; Eliza Evelyn Livingston, born February 20, 1918 also at Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska and Charles Edward Livingston who was born in January 1920 and died on August 20, 1920.And for that reason, I hope this is the beginning of a conversation, for I'm sure my imperfect product can be improved upon, especially by folks who actually self-identify as conservatives. Are distinct ways of thinking conflated in a single item?Are the beliefs of the candidates accurately summed up? I'll be checking comments, reading email, and surveying the blogosphere to see how this might be improved.Rick Santorum is a believer in 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 11, 12, 13, 17, and 19.