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Chomsky noted that Iran is surrounded by nuclear powers—India, Pakistan and Israel—that are not subject to nonproliferation agreements, and lefty heads nodded as he told us that President Lula of Brazil had endorsed Iran's right to enrich its uranium. has exempted itself from the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice. He is also, touchingly, still on the daily newspaper schedule: "Keep an eye on tomorrow's papers," he said, for reports of a coup attempt in Ecuador against Rafael Correa, the country's young, left-leaning president. ) But Chomsky was correct: If you kept an eye on the papers, or drilled beneath the Huffington Post babble about Tea Parties and Christine O'Donnell and Glenn Beck, you could find reports of an embattled Correa being attacked with tear gas, and pitched battles between police and army factions in the streets of Quito.

Murmurs of conspiratorial pleasure went through the audience when he argued that the Israel-Palestine "peace process" is really only a debate between Israel and the U. on one side and the rest of the world on the other. (Correa—or an imposter—abruptly stopped using Twitter on April 24, 2009, after his re-election—and after 5,949 tweets.) During the Q-and-A someone asked what hopes he had for our future.

Chomsky was born a decade and one month after the armistice. 7, on the 69th anniversary of the date that lives in infamy.

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The occasion was the opening of UNC art professor elin o'Hara slavick's show in the building.

He responded with Confucius' definition of the exemplary person: "One who keeps on trying even though he knows there is no hope." And Chomsky certainly didn't sound hopeful.

"I think in 500 years, humans will be barely surviving," he said, citing nuclear war and global warming as the biggest threats.

It was a pleasant evening to think about the apocalypse.

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The setting was the Fed Ex Global Education Center, a three-year old facility on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus that was "funded in large part by a generous gift from the Fed Ex Corporation," according to its website.We streamed out to the atrium of the Fed Ex Center, where free food and beverages awaited us.The hors d'oeuvres were exceptional: sun-dried tomato chutney on wonton crisps, for example, and smoked salmon with wasabi cream on coconut jasmine rice cake.The war with Japan began with the attack on Pearl Harbor that claimed the lives of about 2,500 servicemen and civilians, and ended less than four years later with the nuclear annihilation of approximately 200,000 Japanese civilians.