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29-Dec-2017 20:57

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Do NOT share this email address with any of your non-herpes friends.Do NOT use this email address to do anything else except to sign up for herpes groups, herpes dating services, and herpes social media sites (including Facebook).

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This hidden, private, confidential group has thousands of members and is moderated by experienced Herpes Support Group Leaders from all over the USA.Most of us are concerned about privacy online and do not want our sensitive, personal information to be seen by the rest of the world.If you want to take extra precautions to keep your herpes status private online, we recommend the following: – Create a brand new email account and username on Gmail or Yahoo that does not use your real name or any other words that too closely identify who you are.– AFTER you are already logged in to Facebook, find Jo Ann Purkey of Kaiserslautern High School or go to https:// (she OK’d this link).

Herpes social groups often use terms like “Friends” as in “Bay Area Friends” SF Bay Area or “H2O” as in “DC H2O” or “H Club” or “H Friends”. A lot of regional herpes groups can be found on, Facebook see below, Yahoo Groups, and other websites and social media platforms. Many local herpes groups.… continue reading »

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Herpes Groups on Yahoo. Arizona Singles With Herpes · Tucson H Friends · Little Rock H Friends · SF Bay Area Gay Men with Herpes · Bay Area Lesbians with Herpes · Southern California Friends · Sac Friends Yahoo Group · South Florida H Social Club · Northern Florida H Friends · Sarasota-Bradenton H Club… continue reading »

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Our yahoogroup is listed on yahoo so if you use your real name, someone could search it and possibly pull you up on our site. Local Personals Another great way to date is to place a personals ad in your local paper or on Craig's List with a title of “Herpes,” then describe yourself as you normally would. That way only.… continue reading »

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Welcome to the Yahoo Health group of the Atlanta social group & support club for adults with Herpes types I or II, or HPV. Membership is free but you must join the yahoo group in order to read/respond on our lively message board. Come out and join us somewhere for something, you'll be glad you did. You'll be met by a.… continue reading »

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HI, that's a lovely and very positive story. Well done you. It takes time to get that "ok " with it all so you are doing brilliantly! I got herpes 5 years ago and only told my mum. I was a bit of a mess about it all. I told my best friend after a year and she introduced me to a friend of hers who had it. in fact, her words.… continue reading »

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