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24-Feb-2017 09:47

Copies of the form may be downloaded from the OAG Web site.Pseudonym forms for victims of Sexual Violence may also be downloaded.

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Like domestic violence, it can include psychological or emotional violence, such as controlling behaviors, insults or jealousy, physical violence, such as hitting or punching, and sexual violence, such as nonconsensual sexual activity and rape.

Additionally, we have created and posted a pseudonym form for victims of family violence and have amended our Crime Victims' Compensation Application to reflect legislative directives.

Finally, I want to encourage you to join advocates from across the state and nation at our Crime Victim Services Conference November 13-15 in San Antonio.

The effective date of this legislation is Sept 1, 2007.

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The new Crime Victims' Compensation application reflects this change with the omission of page 6, CONFIDENTIALITY ELECTION BY VICTIM, of the old application.Safe Place's Expect Respect Program engages all members of the school community in preventing dating violence and promoting healthy relationships.We offer a menu of services to participating schools including 1) support groups for youth at risk for dating violence due to previous violence or abuse, 2) youth leadership training, and 3) a school-wide prevention campaign including staff and parent training and classroom lessons.The Division will also act as an agent to receive service of process and mail on behalf of the participant and forward to the participant first class mail received by the OAG on behalf of the participant.