Venus and mars dating

23-Jun-2017 21:56

Aries: You are or prefer to be the initiator of sexual activity. Cancer: Sex is an experience of emotional connection and bonding. Sex is fun, sex is romantic, and sometimes it's dramatic. I write articles on astrology, but I enjoy writing on a variety of other subjects as well..

Taurus: Sex comes naturally, and barring other factors, is expressed in a healthy manner. Virgo: You're discriminating in the choice of partners, and you seek techniques of sexual improvement. Scorpio: Sex must be passionate and intense, or why have it?

Moon - Mars: I feel a strong biological drive and need for the release of sexual tension.

For both of the above combinations it is impossible to divorce the emotions from sexual activity For Moon - Venus, the emotions involve very romantic feelings of being connected.

The fact is, Mars represents the urge to go after what we want sexually, regardless of our gender, and Venus represents our receptivity to what others want from us.

Or, as an astrologer friend once said to me, "Mars is what I want to do to him, and Venus is what I want him to do to me." Mars represents the raw biological urge to engage in sexual activity. To Venus, on the other hand, the relationship aspect of sex is of prime importance.

Venus - Saturn combinations: The psychological ramifications of Venus - Saturn aspect could fill an entire volume.

Venus is inherently romantic, since above all else it seeks closeness in relationship.

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People with Mars - Uranus aspects are exceedingly fortunate when they find partners who have Venus - Uranus combinations. Mars - Neptune combinations: Very active engagement in sexual fantasy is a hallmark of this combination.

Whereas Mars seeks exclusively to fulfill a biological need, Venus has a relationship need to fulfill. An examination of the meaning inherent in the pairing of planets with Venus and Mars will shed much light on their different functions.