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The Class of 2017 broke last year’s size record, when the Academy let in 683 new members.In addition, the new class will make the Academy a little less white and male, as the latest invitees are 39 percent female and 30 percent non-white.TTT Terry Lawson Detroit Free Press December 18, 2002 ..."Towers" primarily belongs to Viggo Mortensen's roguishly dashing Aragorn, the wandering warrior and heir of the kingdom of Gondor, whose physical and emotional strength is tested throughout the story.That’s not as diverse as last year’s class, which was 46 percent female and 41 percent non-white.

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And Sean Bean acquits himself well as the rugged Boromir, a role that requires him to do far more than just swing a sword.Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn carries himself with the perfect air of strength, compassion, and quiet nobility that you expect from someone who you would be willing to follow into battle.TTT Brian Mc Kay 22 December 2002 Towers belongs to Mortensen, an actor of considerable range who makes Aragorn's moral and romantic dilemmas seems amazingly plausible and immediate. Hobson Calgary Sun December 18th, 2002 The cast, as in Fellowship, is smartly assembled and compellingly creates a universe the audience can believe in.On June 14 and 15, Vision, Robotics & Motion 2017 will take place in the NH Conference Centre Koningshof Veldhoven.

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Like last year, PEO Electro-Optics will be present.

FOTR David Ansen Newsweek Dec 10th, 2001 The casting, however, could not have been better.