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29-Jun-2017 21:10

It’s given us time to just take stock, and also given time for the talent pool to regenerate.”" data-reactid="24" a show that needs to go away, I don’t think!Having said that, I think the two years off has given everyone time to miss it a bit.Fellow Mississippians Trent Harmon and La'Porsha Renae were revealed Wednesday night as the farewell season's Top 2 finalists, and competed valiantly once more for America's vote. He worked the larger Dolby Theatre stage nicely and though it was all he could do to keep up with the song's demands, he kept enough control to thrill. - Hopefully La'Porsha's "winner's song" doesn't bite her.The last "American Idol" champion will be announced Thursday night, in a star-studded series finale. Dallas pop-rocker Dalton Rapattoni was sent home this night, leaving the two remaining soul wailers deadlocked in a head-to-head battle. It wasn't terrible, but Trent was definitely dealt the better tune.But Kinane is confident that Perry will win over the skeptical viewing public.

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I think the minute people see her on the show, they’re going to get to know her a bit better, because I’m not sure a lot of people know quite what she’s really like.”" data-reactid="41"Kinane and Wolflick know that Perry will be the most scrutinized judge, mainly because of her reported whopping million salary. She said, ‘Listen, it’s great that a woman gets paid.’ She didn’t say — and if you want to talk about it, that’s fine,” Kinane shrugs.Soon after the public smooch, 16-year-old Alaina played coy with reporters when asked if she was dating the 17-year-old singer."I kissed him on the lips, yeah," she told "Entertainment Tonight," before teasing, "He might be my boyfriend, he might not be my boyfriend."When Alaina spotted Mc Creery walking the press line, she yelled to him: "They asked me if we're dating. With a majority of more than 122 million votes crowning him the new "American Idol," dating may not be so tough for Mc Creery any longer. Both sing similar genres, have done equally well in the last month and seem to be beloved by voters.

- Let's keep this short and sweet -- it's been a long time since "Idol" has had a finale that's felt as close, as tooth and nail, as this one. Comment below, because whatever you say could very well come true tomorrow. It's a special relationship we have."Though he insists to "ET" that he's "still single," Mc Creery admits that he and Alaina are "really, really, really close friends." Really."American Idol" will go out as it came in -- with talent worthy of cheers and inspiration. Wow, Trent seriously lucked out with a track that allowed for huge builds, vocal dexterity and urgency. This has truly been an exciting bookend to this storied series. Trent Harmon Round 3: Contestant's choice Dead even, too close to call.