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"Don't sweat it, little man," Jason friendly says, but the kid replied that he's 12 already, but that his growth got stunted by a lifetime of cancer. Behind his back, Alex and the kid made a deal to fool Jason.They paged him to the ER, and he kept on looking for a patient, not knowing that there was no patient.Both Alex and Jason were against the idea, but when Cristina asked him if he wanted to be the badass that delivered the kid in a cath lab, Jason decided to side with her.They both called him Peckwell, so he tried to get them to call him Jason Myers, but Cristina told him nobody cared about his name. When Alex informed Jason on the baby's condition, Jason told Alex that he really appreciated his work today and that the thing with Jo got them off on a bad foot.

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A disappointed Alex asked Stephanie who the guy was, and she told him that they nicknamed him Chest Peckwell and that Jo finally dared to ask him out, something she had wanted to do ever since she first saw him.

"She cares a lot about you," Jason said, and Alex assured him that they were just friends.