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01-Aug-2017 15:08

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We understand that just about every guy has an inclination to blab to his buddies about his most impressive conquests, but once you develop a reputation for being the guy who brags about knocking boots, women will be far less likely to go home with you.

And if you think it’s ever a good idea to talk to a woman you just met about your past “experiences,” you may need to get your head examined. Act your age One of the reasons we respect George Clooney so much is because he’s never been afraid of his age.

Men need to be conscious of the other guys in their social circle.

Think about who you’re associating with, especially when heading out to meet women.

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Hundreds of thousands of people joined the March For Our Lives protests across the country and around the world on Saturday.Recognize that women aren’t just attracted to youth and vigor; they’re also attracted to experience and self-confidence, and in those areas, older guys have younger guys beat hands down._________________________________________________________________________ More From Ask Men.com: Breakups: What Would George Clooney Do? Top 5: Dating Tips From Steve Mc Queen High School Reunion: What Would George Clooney Do?costar, Sandra Bullock, looked especially great on the red carpet at their film's New York City premiere, Clooney would never date his friend of "more than 20 years.""She was dating one of my best friends," Clooney told E!

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