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I said to my brother: ‘I want to be like that guy’.” Luke started to go to the breakdance classes but because it was only for Birchwood High students and George was still primary school aged he could only watch.

After eight weeks the teacher eventually said he could join in.

I’m up against some good people and some massive West End shows. Ross Noble, the comedian, is in my category for Young Frankenstein. I’ve been to red carpet events but never an awards show like that.” Our House choreographer Fabian Aloise is also up for an award. In an effort to impress her, Joe breaks into a building site and when the police turn up he has two decisions: face the music or make a run for it. George, whose first taste of treading the boards was in the hip-hop musical Into the Hoods, added: “My character Reecey is the instigator for ‘bad’ Joe.“I think it comes down to hard work, a lot of luck and being nice to people along the way – making sure they want to work with you again.” George found his natural flair for performing arts when his older brother Luke was going to a presentation evening at Birchwood High for incoming year seven students.He added: “He was going to check the school out and because my dad was working and my mum had all the kids we all had to go along. There was a breakdance teacher at Birchwood and he did a backflip. But George Sampson still felt like he had something to prove when he got a part in a musical for the first time.

The former Birchwood High student played Reecey in the UK tour of the Olivier Award-winning Our House which features the music of Madness.I’m so happy.” Previous winners include Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Judi Dench and Daniel Radcliffe.George added: “These are what musical theatre students one day aspire to be shortlisted for and here I am cheating my way in through reality TV. “With some choreographers, it’s very structured especially if you’re doing a big show like Chicago and the choreographer has a certain style but he was very open and wanted to work together with me.” Our House has been described as a jukebox musical meets Sliding Doors.“The next day she called me and said there was an audition down the road from where I was busking. I didn’t know it was Britain’s Got Talent at the time but I rolled up my lino, stuck it over my shoulder, got my boom box on wheels and went over to this hotel. I rocked up and saw all the TV crews everywhere and it was only then that it sunk in.