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03-Jun-2017 17:17

I think the Republicans and the Democrats on the Hill have a chance to lead by fixing this. The House still hasn't really been able to push through changes.

I know Congresswoman Speier, who I usually don't agree with on much, but she's right on this.

INGRAHAM: There are people who make false charges, it does happen.

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LAURA INGRAHAM, HOST: Good evening, everyone from Washington. President Trump returned moments ago from his 12-day trip to Asia.But I'll tell you what it's intimidating, if you are a woman, who truly has been harassed by a member of Congress, you need to be able to address that and to have it handled. You've got to make it a safe space for women and men, who are victimized by sexual harassment to come forward, to be protected.And quite frankly, if there is transparency, I think you'll see less bad behavior.Maybe you were kind of a geeky guy -- they didn't have a lot of chicks, and then you get to Capitol Hill. I know men who are afraid to have any interaction at any time with a woman alone.