Women dating men 15 years younger

23-Jul-2017 19:18

But is it culture, genetics or the environment that drives such a choice—and is there an optimal age difference?

New research shows that, at least for the Sami people of preindustrial Finland, men should marry a woman almost 15 years their junior to maximize their chances of having the most offspring that survive.

She works out a lot by her own admission (and judging by her track record in this department) and often meets partners at the gym, not the bars.

Winter tells Web MD that she and her co-author interviewed more than 200 couples for their book. Such men (at least the ones interested in older women) are stable and mature. They want a woman who knows who she is." Still, even Winter admits, this may not be for everyone.

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But even though their older woman-younger man relationship may be among the world's most visible, it's not that unusual anymore.If the voltages are different, one becomes the pursuer and one the distancer.This can create pain." Voltages are not a factor of age, she says.Though hardly a scientific study, the research surfaced three myths such couples hear every time: Winter is upbeat about the younger generations. "All they can do to get a woman is dangle their Porsche keys." As you peel back the decades, though, the men get "cooler," she says.

Men marry younger women and women prefer to marry older men, in general.

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