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The records also contain many of the radio and television commercials written by the Holtzmans, plus several of the scripts for the KMOX radio program The Land We Live In Advertising Women of St.

Louis (1916- ) Records, 1916-1980, (S0372) 249 Folders, 497 Photographs Organized with 13 original members as the Women's Advertising Club of St.

A female chimp advertises her readiness to breed with a pink and swollen anogenital region.

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Archive reference code and the name of the respective archive: Historical Archives of Belgrade, OGB, Inv.

He was the senior keeper, then general curator, and worked on the Indian rhino breeding project, which saw the birth of the first Indian rhino at the L. The male does a bit of a dance, then they breed, she lays an egg, and they raise the chick together.

Dee says what's critical for flamingos is that "they have to be in a large number, groups of eight to 10, before they will actually breed and produce offspring." Next , the mountain or woolly tapir looks like a cross between a bear and a Shetland pony, and when the male goes after a female in heat, he chases her and violently bites at her legs until she gives in.

The open gates of the city represent free communication and commerce with the world.

Detailed view of the part with designated areas for some of the first Zoo inhabitants: marabou, storks, gemsboks, zebras, buffalos, giraffes, elephants, otters and parrots, as well as a children's hippodrome.

Jones and Company, Green City, Missouri, Records, 1895-1903 (C0346) MICROFILM 8 volumes on 2 rolls of microfilm Daybooks and ledger for a lumber and building supply business in Green City, Missouri.